breakfast items are available all day (take out sandwiches served in a handy foil pouch so you can eat on the go)

Breakfast Frittata
egg, spinach & ricotta frittata pieces garnished with chopped lettuce and tomato served in a multi-grain pita   5.75

Breakfast Frittata Plate (WF) (GF)
a slice of our egg, spinach & ricotta frittata on a bed of chopped lettuce and tomato served with a quinoa hot cake on the side   6.25

Breakfast Scramble Burrito (DF) (V)
zesty vegan scramble with chopped fresh tomatoes and green onions served in a zero trans fat & cholesterol free whole wheat 10" wrap    5.25

Breakfast Scramble Platter (V)
our vegan scramble with chopped fresh tomatoes and green onions served with a quinoa hot cake   6.15

Quinoa Hotcakes (WF) (GF) (V)
quinoa, spinach, flax eggs,and sesame seeds in a handy hotcake   2.10

Vegan Rancheros (V) (DF)
corn tortilla, black bean dip, vegan scramble, green onions, & tomatoes with our
Avocado Cilantro sauce   6.75

Savoury Breakfast Scones
skim milk, egg, spinach, green onions, cheddar, and pumpkin / sesame seeds
- your perfect breakfast snack   3.50

Muffins, Scones, & Bites (**) - varies please ask
deliciously healthy low calorie/low fat muffins, scones, & bites
Muffins   2.35  (12.50 per half doz.)
Scones   2.75  (15.00 per half doz.)
Bites  0.80  (4.25 per half doz.)

Premium Fair Market Coffee and Loose Leaf Teas
we serve the best quality sustainably grown fair market coffee is freshly roasted to fill our orders as well as many different varities of premium loose leaf teas
medium coffee   2.20   large coffee   2.65   all teas   2.25

(WF) wheat free  (GF) gluten free  (DF) dairy free  (V) vegan  (**) varies

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