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Fruit & Seed Squares (WF) (DF) (V)
a deliciously healthy combination of cranberries, dates, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds   3.50

Squirrel Mix Cookies (WF) (DF) (V)
a mixture of bananas, dates, sunflower seeds, & oatmeal (sounds like something a squirrel would gather)    2.75

Banana Chocolate Chip Bars (DF)
banana, oatmeal, dark chocolate chips in a whole wheat/unbleached all purpose flour mixture     2.95

High Protein Blondie Bliss Bars (GF) (DF) (V)
chick peas, almond butter, dark chocolate chips, maple syrup    3.50

Seasonal Fruit Loaf Slices
whole wheat flour mixture, banana, cranberry, pumpkin, or rhubarb   2.75

Biscotti & Miniscotti
fruit & nut biscotti    2.75    pumpkin miniscotti    1.95

Muffins & Healthy Bites (**) - varies please ask
deliciously healthy low calorie/low fat muffins & healthy bites
Muffins   2.50  (13.75 per half doz.)
Bites  0.85  (4.75 per half doz.)

Chocolate 'Moose' Bars (WF) (GF)
made with dark chocolate, low-fat yogurt, egg whites, unsweetened apple sauce - your deliciously healthy guilt-free chocolate fix   3.25

Organic Fair Trade Coffee & Loose Leaf Teas
we serve the best quality organic fair trade coffee as well as many different varieties of premium loose leaf teas
medium coffee   2.50   large coffee   2.95   all teas   2.50

Live Organic Kombucha (lightly effervescent fermented tea)
Lemon Ginger, Orange Oolong, Naked Blend, or Citrus Heat  4.95

Kiju Juices
Mango, Orange, Pomegranate Cherry   2.75

Switchel Tonic
Classic Lemon & Honey   4.95

Booch Organic Kombucha
Chaga Chai, Raspberry Lemonade   5.65

(WF) wheat free  (GF) gluten free
(DF) dairy free  (V) vegan  (**) varies

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